Hotel Lautréamont: Contemporary Poetry from Uruguay

edited by Kent Johnson and Roberto Echavarren

April 18, 2011

Welcome to Harvard Review's first ever bilingual poetry feature. We present here an excerpt of poems from Hotel Lautréamont, an upcoming anthology of Uruguayan poetry in translation. Place your cursor on each line of a poem to see the original Spanish. You can get to each of the poems by using the table of contents below. Enjoy!

"Possible" by Roberto Appratto
translated by Kristin Dykstra

"ORA pro NOBIS" by Nancy Bacelo
translated by Ryan Daley

"Möbius Strip" by Amanda Berenguer
translated by Mónica de la Torre

"Like So" by Silvia Guerra
translated by Alex Verdolini & Gillian Brassil

"Destruction of the Landscape" by Circe Maia
translated by Mary Crow

"The Mirror" by Idea Vilariño
translated by Anna Deeny