April 12, 2018
First sound. Then light.
      A door cracks open in the night
And a child walking into the room
      Falls asleep again on the floor.
I speak mean in my dreams
      And the anger wakes me up.
Herodotus in a chair with a cup
      Of coffee. Against Otanes’
Advice to make Persia a Democracy
      Darius convinces the other
Conspirators Monarchy is best.
      The King will be the one
Whose horse at sunrise whinnies
      First, and Darius’s clever groom
Oebares fixes the test. Kneel
      Down in obeisance at the trick.
When my wife wakes up she opens
      The screen to let out the dog
Whose nails against the wood click.
      The hinge creaks loud
But the child stays asleep. I close
      The book to write this poem.
A graven horse on a stone, Darius
      wrote, Darius, son of Hystapses,
aided by the excellence of his horse
      (here followed the horse’s name)
and of Oebares his groom,
      won the kingdom of Persia.

I haven’t turned on the radio yet.