if I could give you one thing
it would be untitled space

-Susan Barba, “Retrospective, Agnes Martin”

Every night I listened to Radio Free Europe’s heavily jammed broadcasts, looking for music. My father was terrified—You’ll send me to prison with your Beatles! 

Roxana von Kraus, “Meridians of the Heart”

…her parents were killing her with constant reminders that she should be careful, all of which, transformed into involuntary penitence, awakened in her perverse acts of revenge.

-Silvina Ocampo, tr. Suzanne Jill Levine & Katie Lateef-Jan

When he was done, I softened my name in milk & prayed under the door.
May I find love in whatever body that gives me home. Amen.

-Romeo Oriogun, “Before Your Mama Knew Us As Light”

He had to decide how long to keep his hold on the foreign language and when to let it gradually dissolve; whether to keep achieving at his current superstar level or to throw it all over in an act of rebellion…

Linda Bamber, “Next Door”