Do You Believe in Borders?

by Camonghne Felix

What I am feeling    is the death    of a million
wayward bodies    falling into each other

like lattice work    on a French pie
I draw    a river    and your god    lines it out into a field

I say this earnestly    and with a smile    so I’m not sure
what    you’re asking    me is it a question of shoulds   or

of ares    the nation state    is a body    it is the Russian doll
of bodies   a body housing    a body of    farmed bodies

all of whom    mill about in their    categorical nothingness
with some parasite    sucking from    their breast

all over    the globe
one breast    drains into the mouth    of a whole class

A safety    valve    for the gutless
You have to    understand    my parameters here

are limited, The space    between    my two selves
shrinking and    pulverized    all the same.

The wine delivery    comes    My courier    steps
into the foyer    I say hello    I say    thank you    I    sign

her    receipt   I     offer her    a Clorox    wipe
I    stand away    at six feet. I    don’t know.

I do   know           Nobody    dies
at my    border.

Published on October 8, 2020