#Notes for Soma, the God of Poets,
ca. 2019

by Bino A. Realuyo

May the God Soma, he whom they call
the moon, fill me. –Rigveda

–Indra’s belly is the lake of Soma, yes, the wine,
to dispel untruths. Soma, the god of poets,
whose moons I found in my dark dark room.

–Poetry makes me spiritual, post-religious, post-___,
(I understand now that there are no answers.)

–It’s been a rebellious season of truth-seeking, and
for added complexity, a season of truth-killing.

–Mother said, Go, search for rebels in the void,
where circles don’t come full. I doubt it was ever
a circle at all, destiny without end points.

–I am surrounded with hashtags, a babel of convoluted
truths and untruths, the language chimps and humans
share in their DNA. #WhatLoveIsReally.

–What we don’t see, we don’t believe. Dark energy
swirls as I reach the end of a book, 96% a mystery still.

Published on February 18, 2021