by Evan Lavender-Smith

I noticed you did the dishes, yes, and did you notice I fed the dog?
Did you notice the garage? Because I noticed you weren’t paying attention when I was sweeping up in there.
I noticed you looking askance at the kitchen counters. But I really did wipe them down, you just didn’t notice, and then they got dirty again.
I folded their socks, yes, only you didn’t notice. I have no idea how they got unfolded.
Did you notice I fixed the computer? What do you mean it’s still not working?
I noticed you didn’t notice the linen closet. You didn’t mention noticing it, anyhow.
It seems like you only notice the stuff you do.
It seems like you never notice my stuff. For example, the hell I have to put up with at the grocery store.
Look, just because you’re not noticing my stuff doesn’t mean I’m not doing stuff.
Look, just because you don’t notice me noticing your stuff doesn’t mean I’m not noticing.
I’m putting us both on notice here. I need to start noticing you’re noticing all the stuff I’m doing. And you need to start noticing me noticing you.

Published on June 21, 2016