by Constance Hansen

Pulling the bit of thread I could finger

            I hoped to unspool the bobbin

but made a knot so fine      it proved impossible

            to undo           I half-meant to stash how-tos for you

at least a letter or two           didn’t you see me reading Lao Tzu?


Before I died I was tired for a long time

            I saw you looking for them              the manuals

on being a woman               You wanted grimoires

            an honest-to-goodness         loadstone


You were a kid         You traced the house

            for trapdoors          and knocked on the floors


When you found a Crisco-laced paperback

            called Kitchen Wisdom         you settled for that


You were more keen           than keening

            and knew no less      than the girls with moms



            if you count death

Published on July 7, 2021