Young Snakes

by Rachel Daley

Having written the letter
Viz. Our Vinyl Lining…

The House, the process of reinforcements
in the woods, revealed as a collective effort or name
to the flouncy doorscreen of drum time
to come up here toward
a bearish verisimilitude, the loosely contained interiors
betray a permeable structure in design

* * *

Youngish snakes flounce along the crease of the mountain
televisually speaking, the hollows do their job
and they do support (after the lot,
except for the extreme weather, yada yada)

like indentured socks—Not all of us
put them on, do we?
I mean, for gods sake, how can this be

Though some measure of freedom in arrears
offered us
in the orchard
an egg in service

and The Horse Brief
begins where you begin. It ends
three stone stitches away
and ahead—follows the larkspur—only notice
how much you prefer mornings
settled in the slip

(this anchor point, for example, in the sun
much too brassy
and analogizes too much a bargain)

So here we are again—round the mulberry bush

Published on January 20, 2015