Harvard Review 12

Harvard Review 12


Wendell Mayo

Nikita’s Dream

Leslie Walker Williams


Kay Cicellis & Stavros Deligioris

The Night, Agape

Kathryn Liebowitz

Excerpt from “Ravished World”


Eugene McCarthy

Robert Lowell & the Politics of 1968

Fazlur Rahman

A Poet’s Birthday

Louis Simpson

They Called Him ‘Cal’

Kathleen Spivack

Rilke Was Miserable Here

William Corbett

About William Corbett

Steven Cramer

About Steven Cramer

Sarah Kafatou

About Michel Butor

Bob Perelman

About Bob Perelman

William Doreski

Cut Down, We Flourish

Anne Fernald

Loneliness and Consolation


Dorothy Barresi

Expect Mercy, Crave Relief

Susan Berlin

The Ferry in August

Laure-Anne Bosselaar


William Corbett

Raw November Afternoon

Steven Cramer


K.E. Duffin


Mary Jo Firth Gillett


Donald Hall

Letter From Washington

Richard Jackson

Things I Forgot to Put on My Reminder List

Thomas Lux

An Erg

Gail Mazur

The Weskit

Leonard Nathan

Pursuits After Seventy

Ruth Padel


Bob Perelman

Confessing to the Listserv

To the Past

To the Future

Mary Pinard

Grown Sister’s Late Queries

Peter Richards

Suicide’s Last Week at a Glance

Robin Robertson

New Gravity

Martha Ronk

The painter of the clouds

Kenneth Rosen

The Hook


Peter Sacks

About Peter Sacks

The Reins


The Swimmer

Tom Sleigh

Purity Supreme

Matthew Sweeney


Chase Twichell


Bruce Weigl

Elegy for Her Whose Name You Don’t Know

Frank X. Gaspar

Dream Talk

Jon Anderson

It’s Good to be Alive

Linda Bamber

Conversations with the Sun



Ferdinand Protzman

Signs and Wonders


Seamus Heaney

On the Art of Dimitri Hadzi

Barry Mazur

Alice by Fulton Sensual Math

Jhumpa Lahiri

Ariadne’s Brother by John Dempsey

Hockey Sur Glace by Peter LaSalle

Nightwork by Christina Schlutt

Louis Simpson

Artery Lumen by Philip Nikolayev

Helen Fremont

Aureole by Carole Maso

Murder at the Museum of Man by Alfred Alcorn

What Does Mrs. Freeman Want? by Petros Abatzoglu

Mark Wagner

Calendar Year by Julie Agoos

William Doreski

Dialogue for the Left and Right Hand by Steven Cramer

Kevin McGrath

Father Dancing: An Invented Memoir by Nick Papandreou

Brian Henry

Fusewire by Ruth Padel

Selected Poems 1956-1994 by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Pat Bellanca

Gothic by Fred Botting

Anne Fernald

Horizontal Woman by Suzanne Berger

Steven Cramer

In the Belly by David Gewanter

Pamela Greenberg

Infidelities by Elise Paschen

Now by Judith Baumel

The Life of Ismail Ferik Pasha by Rhea Galanaki

Dennis O'Driscoll

Intensive Care by Miroslav Holub

Miriam Goodman

Leaving Eden by Nadya Aisenberg

Daniel Picker

New and Selected Poems by William Corbett

Graham Rosenstock

Perfect Hell by H.L. Hix

No Snake, No Paradise by Kenneth Rosen

The Courtyard by Andreas Franghias

Suzanne Burns

Signs of Arrival by Jeffrey Harrison

Liam Rector

Sun Under Wood by Robert Hass

Dennis O'Driscoll

Supposed to Fly by Miroslav Holub

Kathryn Liebowitz

The Birth of the World as We Know It, or Teiresias by Meredith Steinbach

Tina Barr

The Blind Swimmer by Thomas Lux

Grace Dane Mazur

The Centaur of the North by Wendell Mayo

Marcia Turner

The Cicadas by Vangelis Raptopoulos

Michael Small

The Conversations at Curlow Creek by David Malouf

Samuel Jay Keyser

The Country I Remember by David Mason

The Dyer’s Thistle by Peter Balakian

Kevin McGrath

The Country Road by James Laughlin

Joel Brouwer

The Marginalization of Poetry by Bob Perelman

Janice O'Leary

The Stuntman’s Daughter by Alice Blanchard

Ben Downing

Things That Happen Once by Rodney Jones

Thomas McNeely

Tinisima by Elena Poniatowska

Sadi Ranson

Tolstoy’s Dictaphone by Sven Birkert

Anna Stavrakoupoulou

Woof, Woof, Dear Lord by Sotiris Dimitriou