Harvard Review 13

Harvard Review 13


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Tina Barr

The Poet as Trickster Figure, Charles Simic’s Pack of Cards

Victor Contoski

The Undramatic Theater of Charles Simic

William Corbett

We’ll Talk

Ellen Davis

Metaphysician at Large

Chard deNiord

He Who Remembers His Shoes, Charles Simic

William Doreski

Dusty Storefronts, Rooms Far Back in Time

Robert Gardner

‘Little Unwritten Book’ by Charles Simic

Brian Henry

Choice Ingredients: Review of Simic’s Orphan Factory

Michael Hoffman

Reading Simic in Poor Light

Fred Marchant

Notes on a Two-line Poem by Simic

Suzanne Matson

Strange Cities

David Rivard

Mr. Charlie Goes to Smithville

Peter Schmidt

Notes on Charles Simic’s New White (1997)

Karen Volkman

The World Doesn’t End: Charles Simic’s Spectral Geography

Bruce Weigl

Simic and Whitman at Northwood

Brian C. F. Avery

A Simic Bibliography

Seamus Heaney

Shorts for Simic

Charles Simic


Notebooks 1996-1997

Manuel Savidis

From Birth to Boston (and Back)

Russell Banks



Charles SImic

Deep Pond


Little Unwritten Book

Medieval Miniature

On the Lack of Respect for the Ceiling

And What Would Groucho Marx Do With His Cigar?

Jorie Graham




K.E. Duffin

The Voyeur and the Prisoner: Simic’s Windows

Dmitri Mitropoulos



Nan Cuba

American Owned Love by Robert Boswell

Stratis Haviaras

At Large by Charles Simic

Camel of Darkness; Selected Poems by Yianns Patilis

Brian Bouldrey

Believers, A Novella and Stories by Charles Baxter

Burning Down the House, Essays on Fiction by Charles Baxter

William Doreski

Canaan by Geoffrey Hill

Glare by A.R. Ammons

Today in the Cafe Trieste by Richard Tillinghast

Briggs Seekins

Flower and Hand by W.S. Merwin

Understanding W.S. Merwin by H.L. Hix

David Blair

Furthering My Education by William Corbett

John S. Barrett

In the Shadow of Prague by Olly Komenda-Soentgerath

Tony Hoagland

Lassos of Hopelessness: Resurrection Update, Collected Poems 1975-1997 by James Galvin

Shelli Jankowski-Smith

Natal Command by Peter Sacks

Joan Mark

Native American History: A Chronology of Culture’s Vast Achievement and Their Links to World Events by Judith Nies

Helen Fremont

Peltse and Penameron by Volodymyr Dibrova

Zack Rogow

Pereira Declares: A Testimony by Antonio Tabucchi

Adam Kirsch

Quality Time by Dennis O’Driscoll

K.E. Duffin

Robert Frost and the Challenge of Darwin by Robert Faggen

Thomas McNeely

Something Borrowed by Alexandra Baxter

Larissa Glasser

The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen Dobyns

Graham Christian

The Errancy: Poems by Jorie Graham

Three Worlds: New Ukrainian Writing by Ed Hogan

Unopened Letters by Linda Zisquit

Genevieve Abravanel

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf by Laura-Anne Bosselaar

Marcia Deihl

The Hunger Moon by Suzanne Matson

Kevin Gallagher

The Women Carry River Water by Nguyen Quand Thieu

Ellen Davis

Writing Between the Lines: An Anthology on War and Its Social Consequences by Kevin Bowen and Bruce Weigl