Harvard Review 14

Harvard Review 14

Dennis O'Driscoll

The View from Dublin, HR 14 Editorial


Robert Boswell

In a Foreign Land, Revisited

Donald Fanger

Three Fractals From a Novel In Progress

Kathryn Liebowitz

Ravished World

Pamela Painter



Kenneth Rosen

Poetry as a Second Language

Robert Scanlan

Fabulist’s Fable: Dario Fo Awarded Nobel Prize “Down With the King!”


William Matthews

Ecce Homo

James Tate

The Workforce

A. R. Ammons

Fucking Right

Old Sweet


David Young

At the Marriage of Pangloss and Cassandra

August Klainzahler

Le Workshop Deluxe

Elizabeth Powell

Jupiter’s Little Adultery

Jacqueline Lalley

St. City

R. D. Skillings

In P-Town While Ye May

Brian Henry

Melon Madrigal

Kenneth Rosen

Traumatic Love

The Interventions of Destiny

Bruce Bennett


Jack Myers


William Doreski

Queer Theory

Barbara Claire Freeman

St. Ursula and Father Time

Tony Hoagland


Candice Reffe


Mary Ruefle

Cum Grano Salis

The Reply

Gail Mazur

Twenty Lines Before Breakfast

Mark Cox

The Summoners

Stuart Dischell


Marvin Bell

It’s a Riot Poem #1

Victoria Redel

Tell It

Louis Simpson

Reading the Times

Kurt Brown

At the Retirement Home for Slang

Stephen Sandy

And Evening Came

Barry Mazur

Open Wide

Olena Kalytiak Davis

A New Philosophy of Composition, or, How to Ignore the Non-Reasoning Creature Capable of SpeeechPerched Outside Your Bathroom Window

X. J. Kennedy

A Curse on a Thief

Lloyd Schwartz


Bruce Cohen

Impending Hurricane

Rodney Gove Dennis

Catullus 39

Mark Halliday

Notes on the Shrempfs

The Axe

Campbell McGrath

Albergo Santa Restituta

Scott Withiam


Lee Upton


Barry Goldensohn

Dem Bones (1956)

Joshua Weiner

Biographer Prolific



Stratis Haviaras

Société Imaginaire


Anna Stavrakopoulou

A Crowded Heart by Nicholas Papandreou

Lethe’s Adolescence by Kiki Dimoula

Athena Andreadis

Achilles’ Fiancee by Alki Zei

Astradeni by Eugenia Fakinou

Valerie Duff-Strautmann

And Her Soul Out of Nothing by Olena Kalytiak Davis

Joyce Wilson

Apology For Want by Mary Jo Bang

Survivors of the Moving Earth Nicholas Samaras

Andrew Zawacki

Ardor: Book of the Dream Man Volume Two by Marvin Bell

Brian Henry

At the Site of Inside Out by Anna Rabinowitz

Radio Tooth by Paul Jenkins

Jennifer Barber

Beautiful Signor by Cyrus Cassells

Fred Marchant

Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes

Marcia Deihl

Declining to Decline: Cultural Combat and the Politics of Midlife by Margaret Morganroth Gullette

The Old World by Jonathan Strong

George Economou

Deep Blue Almost Black by Thanassis Valtinos

Kevin McGrath

Deep Blue Almost Black by Thanassis Valtinos

Reed Music by Peter Levi

Joel Brouwer

Definition of the Soul by John Skoyles

Locusts at the Edge of Summer; New and Selected Poems by John Balaban

Say Goodnight by Timothy Liu

New Collected Poems by Tomas Transtromer

The Early Poetry by Jaroslav Seifert

Winter Night: Selected Poems by Attila Jozsef

William Doreski

Desire by Frank Bidart

The Work of Poetry by John Hollander

Chard deNiord

Elegy by Larry Levis

Daphne Abeel

Farewell to Anatolia by Dido Sotiriou

Dana Bonstrom

Fleur Weymouth Photographs by Fleur Weymouth

Bernard E. Morris

Green Sees Things In Waves by August Kleinzahler

Genevieve Abravanel

How Late Desire Looks by Katrina Roberts

Poet’s Choice: Poems for Everyday Life by Robert Haus

Adam Kirsch

It’s Hard to Get the Angle Right by Bruce Bennett

The Tools of Ignorance by Kevin Bezner

David Stevens

Micro Fiction: An Anthology of Really Short Stories by Jerome Stern

Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Modern Poets of France by Louis Simpson

Tina Barr

Music Minus One by Jane Shore

Viper Rum by Mary Karr

X.J. Kennedy

Notes Left Behind: Last and Selected Poems by James Hayford

John Hildebidle

On the Horizon: A Book of Creation by Samuel Jay Keyser

Graham Christian

Poems by J.V. Cunningham

The Bridal Suite by Matthew Sweeney

The Collected Poems by Amy Clampitt

Bernard E. Morris

Shroud of the Gnome: Poems by James Tate

Suzanne Burns

Slow Burn by Ellen Dudley

What the Living Do by Marie Howe

Kathryn Liebowitz

Sunflower by Gyula Krudy

Thomas McNeely

The Instinct for Bliss by Melissa Pritchard

Rodney G. Dennis

The Odes of Horace, A Translation by David Ferry

Kurt Brown

The Rampage by Miroslav Holub

Pamela Greenberg

The Red Window by Pamela Stewart

Without by Donald Hall

Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

The Soul Is Here For Its Own Joy by Robert Bly

Ellen Davis

The Way It Is: New and Selected Poems by William Stafford

Douglas K. Currier

The Yellow Transplants by Joan Aleshire

Helen Fremont

Touch and Go by Eugene Stein

Vanishing Point by Aristotelis Nikolaidis

Sven Birkerts

Winter Dialogue by Thomas Venclova