Harvard Review 17

Harvard Review 17

Stratis Haviaras

HR 17 Editorial, The View from Lamont


Martin Andic

Summer Afternoon

Kenneth Cook


Robert Boswell

A Tongue in Every Wound

Naomi Myrv Aagnes

No Place For Me, My Love

Sue Allison

You Come! You Eat! You Like It! You Come Back!


Rebecca Kaiser Gibson

Of Paradise

Dennis O'Driscoll

“The Biretta”: Heaney’s Boater

Robert Scanlan

“Settima Edizione” or The Pleasures of Tauromenium

Michael Londry

An Interview with John Ashbery

Monika Totten

Writing in Two Languages: A Conversation with Yoko Tawada


Marsha Janson

Considering the Demise of Everything

Doug Flaherty

Stilt Man

Peter Richards

Nude Stren

Jill McDonough

Amorous conceit

Carl Phillips


Dara Wier

One Enchanted Evening

Christopher Davis

The Village Idiot as Stopped Buck

Steve Orlen

The Beach at Nice

Michael Collier

All Souls

Susan Conley

That’s Not Melodrama

High Country Gospel

Joshua Weiner


Boyer Rickel

Locker Room Baptism

Dorothy Barresi


Laure-Anne Bosselaar

The Pleasure of Hating

Peter Richards


The Drawstring Hisses

April Ossmann


Barry Spacks

The Sandwich

Linda Gregg

Finding the Way


Why does this city still retain/its ancient rights over my thoughts and feelings?

Jonathan Monroe

In the Land of Coconuts

William Corbett

Opening Day

Tony Hoagland

Thanksgiving Poem Two Weeks after Thanksgiving


Claire Bateman

Death’s Midwife Has the Smallest Hands!

Peter Jay Shippy

Not Exactly the Kind of Poem You’d Read in the Japanese Edition of Tigerbeat or An Elegy for the Body by Its Severed Head

Margaret Blackstone

Early Spring Morning

Dorothy Barresi

Dante Extant, Born and Unborn

Stuart Dybek


Ales Debeljak

Newborn Ode

Invocation by a Small Bed

Tam Lin Neville

She Sets Her Clothes A-Flying

Ronaldo V. Wilson


Barbara Hamby


Peter Dale Scott

Minding the Darkness: IV .x

Tomaž Šalamun


Frederick Marchant

Seven Tongues of God

Sue D. Burton

Les Us Consider Julia

Scott Withiam

Two Old Horses

Bradley Paul

An Animal

Karen Nystrom


Karri Lynn Harrison


Brian Henry

Boil Vigorously

D.C. Berry

Barbie Tulip Pokers Out

William Corbett

Isle of Manhattan

Valerie Duff

Self-Portrait with Household Items

Dennis O'Driscoll


Berthold Brecht





Aviya Kushner

After Long Silence: A Memoir by Helen Fremont

Jay Boggis

American Rush: Selected Poems by Maureen Owen

Deepest Come Shining by C.D. Wright

Liam Rector

Appalachia by Charles Wright

The Visible Man by Henri Cole

Ann Snodgrass

Collected Poems 1920-1954 by Eugenio Montale

Marcia Deihl

Cubana: Contemporary Fiction by Cuban Women by Mirta Yanez

Stealing Glimpses: Of Poetry, Poets, and Things in Between by Molly McQuade

Helen Fremont

Dead Languages by David Shields

The Mourner’s Bench by Susan Dodd

Bernard E. Morris

East Window: The Asian Translations by W.S. Merwin

So There: Poems 1976-83 by Robert Creeley

The Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide by Robert Pinsky

David Clippinger

Halfway Down the Hall: New and Selected Poems by Rachel Hadas

Michael Shinagel

Harvard Observed: An Illustrated History of the University in the Twentieth Century by John T. Bethell

Samuel Johnson: The Life of an Author by Lawrence Lipking

Magdalena Carpenter

Hay by Paul Muldoon

William Doreski

Ill Lit: Selected & New Poems by Franz Wright

Relations: New and Selected Poems by Eamon Grennan

Vita Nova by Louise Glück

Road-Side Dog by Czeslaw Milosz

Stratis Haviaras

Journal of an Unseen April by Odysseus Elytis

C.K. Doreski

Just In: Word of Navigational Challenges: New and Selected Work by Ed Roberson

The Path to the Spiders’ Nests by Italo Calvino

Martin McKinsey

Kalamas and Acheron by Christoforos Milionis

Kevin McGrath

Kassandra and the Censors: Greek Poetry Since 1967 by Karen Van Dyke

The End of Our Small Town by Dimitris Hatzis

Sonia Ketchian

Mikhail Bulgakov: The Early Years by Edythe C. Haber

Carol Stogdon

My First Cousin Once Removed: Money, Madness, and the Family of Robert Lowell by Sarah Payne Stuart

Chuck Leddy

New York Literary Lights by William Corbett

Genevieve Abravanel

Our Master Plan by Dara Wier

Kurt Brown

Plaza de Loco: New Poems 1998 by Bill Knott

Graham Christian

Readings by Sven Birkerts

Dana Bonstrom

Saratoga Strongbox by Stephen Dobyns

Valerie Duff-Strautmann

Shaving by Stephen Berg

Victor Cruz

Song of the Simple Truth: The Complete Poems of Julia de Burgos by Julia de Burgos

Cara Forster

The Art of the Lathe by B.H. Fairchild

Mary Jo Bang

The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School Poets by David Lehman

Jennifer Bartlett

The Lion Bridge: Selected Poems, 1972-1995 by Michael Palmer

Susan Hood

The Pagoda by Patricia Powell

Henry Hughes

Topography by Helene Barker Kiser

Barry Mazur

Verse & Universe: Poems About Science and Mathematics by Kurt Brown