Harvard Review 19

Harvard Review 19

Stratis Haviaras

HR 19 Editorial, “The View from Lamont”


Anya Achtenberg

More Than The Wind

Dana Bonstrom

Excerpt from Saint Urho’s Passage

Anna Xiao Dong Sun

The Garden

Michael Fessler

The Experiment at B’s

Michael Rosovsky

Freezer Burn

Michael Rumaker

Excerpt from A Day and a Night at the Baths


Daniel Donoghue

The Philologer Poet

Sarah Kafatou

About Antonio Tabucchi

Sue Meng

Xingkaihu: A Love Song


Jennifer Barber


Edward Bartok-Baratta

A First of Bananas

D. C. Berry

3 Poems

John Canaday

New England Ghazal

Simon Carnell

Bird Boxes

Alvaro De Campos


Harris Gardner

Basic Training

Michele Glazer

Echo to Narcissus

Deborah Gorlin

Earth Angel

Fred Marchant

2 Poems

Diane Mehta

Visiting the Synagogue in Jewtown, Cochin

Eric McHenry

2 Poems

Leslie Adrienne Miller

Prévert’s Peaches

George Monteiro

Fernando Pessoa and Alvaro de Campos

Ben Passikoff


Kevin Murray

Camera Obscura

Craig Raine

La Medica Harkevitch

Jason Whitmarsh

Disappearing Act

Don Share


Augustin Zenakos


Moikom Zeqo

3 Poems




Chuck Leddy

A Filed Guide to the Heavens by Frank X. Gaspar

Robert Schnall

A Test of Solitude by Emmanuel Hocquard

Heather White

Barbarism by Molly McQuade

Chuck Leddy

Below the Surface by Robert B. Shaw

Douglas K. Currier

Boss Cupid by Thom Gunn

Michael Tyrell

Bewitched Playground by David Rivard

Douglas K. Currier

Camera Lyrica by Amy Newman

Heather White

Defining Absence by John Hildebidle

Dana Bonstrom

Eating Naked by Stephen Dobyns

Kenny Fries

Clemency by Collette Inez

Matthew Zapruder

Eternal Monday by Gyorgy Petri

Jennifer Bartlett

Edge of House by Dzvina Orlowsky

Christina Pugh

Full Moon Boat by Fred Marchant

Anna Stavrakopoulou

Inventing Paradise by Edmund Keeley

Chuck Leddy

How Things Are by James Richardson

William Doreski

Learning Human by Les Murray

David Clippinger

Jersey Rain by Robert Pinsky

Philip Nikolayev

Live from the Hong Hong Nile Club by August Kleinzahler

William Doreski

Mayflies by Richard Wilbur

Robert Schnall

Lost Quatrains by Alain Bosquet

David Clippinger

Mortal Education by Joyce Peseroff

Christina Pugh

North Street by Jonathan Galassi

Stephen Valentine

One Above & One Below by Erin Belieu

Graham Christian

Poems From 42nd Street by Rufus Goodwin

Stephen Valentine

Post Meridian by Mary Ruefle

Sonia Ketchian

Pushkin’s Tatiana by Olga Peters Hasty

Genevieve Abravanel

Rational Numbers by H.L. Hix

Stephen Valentine

Small Boat with Oars of Different Size by Thom Ward

Jason Baskin

The Committed Word by James Engell

Benjamin Paloff

The Cradle of the Real Life by Jean Valentine

Michael Shinagel

The Dons: Mentors, Eccentrics, and Geniuses by Noel Annan

Jason Baskin

The Feminist Difference by Barbara Johnson

Matthew Zapruder

The Iron-Blue Vault by Attila Jozsef

Benjamin Paloff

The Ledge by Michael Collier

Graham Christian

The Man in the White Suit by Nick Drake

Srikanth Reddy

The Promises of Glass by Michael Palmer

Graham Christian

The Singer of Tales by Albert B. Lord

William Doreski

The Spectra Hoax by William Jay Smith

Kevin McGrath

The Spiritual Meadow by Yoryis Yatromanolakis

Kevin McGrath

The Theory and Function of Mangoes by George Kalamaras

Kevin McGrath

They Sing to Her Bones by Joy Manesiotis

Bernard E. Morris

Tiepolo’s Hound by Derek Walcott