Harvard Review 20

Harvard Review 20

Stratis Haviaras

HR 20 Editorial, “The View from Lamont”


Doug Frelke

Waking Up

Kirsten Hoyte


Paul Mandelbaum

The Explorers

Margaret J. Barker

Exile, 1972

Andrea Graham


Jo-Ann Graziano

The Mustard Seed

Julie McNary

Hydraulic Heart

Martha Ronk

Page 42

Katherine Lynn

Unfurnished Souls

Sharon Wahl

Brain Slots


DeWitt Henry

Forces of Nature

Seamus Heaney

Homage to Seferis

Janet Riehl

The Starling

Don Share

Michael S. Harper: An Introduction

Jacquelyn Pope

Citizen Pilgrim Poet

Terry Caesar

My First Father


Terrance Hayes

Hip Logic

Sean Singer

Scintillatingly Armstrong

Michael Salcman

Dr. Williams Delivers a Baby

Mimis Souliotis, Stratis Haviaras

The Wooden One

Michael S. Harper

Vote: 11 07 00 (Providence)

9 23 99: Coltrane Notes on the MIllenium

Critical Mass

8 22 99: Artist on a Cellphone (Yaddo)

Notes on African Novels Not African


TCAT serenade: 4 4 98 (New Haven)

John Kinsella

The Epistemology of Sheep

Giacomo Leopardi, Harry Thomas

To Himself

Han-Shan, Taylor Stoehr

Three Poems

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Harry Thomas

To Hope

Ace Boggess

Find the Essence of Silence

William Doreski

Post-Continental Drift

Amy Scattergood


Barry Mazur


Christoforos Liontakis, Athina Hatzihristou

With Pleasureness

Diane Mehta

Consider Jerusalem

Katia Kapovich

A Paper Plane to Nowhere

Eric McHenry

The Sign

Malcolm Farley

Writing from Ultima Thule




Marcia Deihl

Always Beginning by Maxine Kumin

Chard de Niord

Another Beauty by Adam Zagajewski

Robert Schnall

Blue Jesus by Jim Daniels

Kevin McGrath

Carnac by Eugene Guillevic

William Doreski

Early Auden and Later Auden by Edward Mendelson

Bruce Bennett

Cairo Traffic by Lloyd Schwartz

Joyce Wilson

Exactly What Happened by Joel Brouwer

Catherine Toal

Hotel Imperium by Rachel Loden

William Corbett

Live From the Hong Kong Nile Club by August Kleinzahler

Robert Schnall

Now That My Father Lies Down Beside Me by Stanley Plumly

Benjamin Paloff

Medicine by Amy Gerstler

Christina Pugh

Little River by Linda McCarriston

Page Richards

On the Bus with Rosa Parks by Rita Dove

Genevieve Abravanel

O Wheel by Peter Sacks

Joyce Wilson

Summons by Deborah Tall

Bernard E. Morris

Still the New World by Philip Fisher

Elizabeth T. Gray Jr.

Ravishing Disunities by Agha Shahid

Pamela Greenberg

Terrain Vague by Richard Meier

Kevin McGrath

The Cue for Passion by Gail Holst-Warhaft

Barry Mazur

Urban Nature by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Michael Shinagel

A Life of James Boswell by Peter Martin