Harvard Review 23

Harvard Review 23

Christina Thompson



Kate Grenville

Jacob’s Ladder

Tracy Geary

How to Be a Beekeeper

Robert Coover

The Return of the Dark Children

Anne Waldron Neumann

The Turtle That Had Elevated Thoughts

Charles Yu

Problems for Self-Study

Kyoung-sook Shin, Yu Young-Nan

The Blind Calf

Harry Mathews

The Broadcast


Alan Feldman

Freedom of the Poet: Carl Dennis

Sarah Kafatou

Jorge Semprun: la vie continue

A Note on Korean Writing Today

Sarah Chayes

Letter from Kandahar

Marsha Pomerantz


Michael Gorra

Scrapbook: Hamburg

Drusilla Modjeska

The Traveller’s Husk


Jonathan Hart

Excerpt from Turning

Stephen Sandy

Above Cadenabbia

Lee Upton

Ancient Arts

Charles Harper Webb


Meena Alexander

Ghalib’s Ghost

Cole Swensen

The Hands’ Testament

The Hands as Historical

Elizabeth Smither

Shopping with Beth

Eva Hooker

Almanac: for Making Consolation

David R. Slavitt

Crazy Delmore

Les Murray

Post Mortem

The Test

The Domain of the Octopus

Leaf Brims

Pieta Once Attributed to Cosme Tura

Nadia Herman Colburn

The Gypsy

John Kinsella

Rust humidity in drum-world recollections: a test for colour-blindness

Jonathan Van Ballenberghe


Dipti Saravanamuttu

Flying North in Winter

John Tagliabue

Often we can’t help but wonder What we’re to Do about It

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Sin Verguenza

Richard Caddell

Six Workers on the Northumbrian Coast in the Dark between Land and Sea



John Murray

Six Linocuts


Andrew DuBois

Borrowed Love Poems by John Yau

Andrew DuBois

Ceci N’Est Pas Keith/Ceci N’Est Pas Rosmarie by Keith and Rosmarie

Harry Thomas

Collected Poems 1952-1999 by Robert Mezey

Floyd Skloot

Collected Poems 1952-2000 by Richard Murphy

Jacquelyn Pope

Collected Works by Lorine Niedecker

Christina Pugh

Crucible by Daniel Bosch

Thomas O'Grady

Finders Keepers by Seamus Heaney

Deborah Z. Porter

In Paterson by Miriam Levine

William Doreski

Internal West by Pricilla Baker

Lauren Leighton

Keats and the Russian Poets by Sonia Ketchian

Tony Baker

Magpie Words by Richard Caddel

Cynthia Roth

Miss America by Catherine Wagner

William Doreski

Open House by Beth Ann Fennelley

Tony Baker

Quiet Music by Anthony Flowers

Floyd Skloot

The Caged Owl by Gregory Orr

William Doreski

The Cop Who Rides Alone by Ross Martin

Graham Christian

The Horse Fair by Robin Becker

Chuck Leddy

The Love Suicides at Sonezaki by Siri von Reis

Paul Harding

The Necessary Grace to Fall by Gina Ochsner

Todd Hearon

Tradition and the Individual Poem by Anne Ferry

Cynthia Roth

Zirconia by Chelsey Minnis