Harvard Review 25

Harvard Review 25

Christina Thompson

HR 25 Editorial


Alice Hoffman


Miranda July

It Was Romance

William Tyree

Tokyo Story

Yi-Ping Ong

Marriages are Made in Heaven

Camilla Gibb

When She Was Small


Michael Shinagel

Richard Yates: An Introduction

Blake Bailey

Poor Dick

Richard Yates

Correspondence, 1960-61

Kurt Vonnegut

Remarks at the Yates Memorial Service

Fanny Howe

Past Present

Robert Creeley

Thinking of Robert Lowell

Paul Muldoon

“George III” by Robert Lowell

David Gewanter

Lowell’s Collected Poems

Saskia Hamilton

“I Was Naked without My Line-Ends”

Robert Lowell

Letter to W. F. van Leeuwen, 1952

Heather McHugh

Robert Lowell: Of Two Minds

Charles Simic

The Life of Images

The Singing Simics

William Doreski

Scissor-Clips in the Dark

David Gessner

Trickster in the City: A Coyote Journal


W. D. Snodgrass

Song Slam

Lady! —

from In Flower

Maureen N. McLane

The Reconstruction of the Mind…

Benjamin Paloff

Letter to the Editor

Diet of Worms

J. S. A. Lowe


Pam Brown

Death by Droning

Chris Hosea

The Mute Nephew

Antranig Garabedian

Close the Door

Meena Alexander

Triptych in a Time of War

Susan Bullock


Harris Gardner


Bruce Beasley

Aphasic Echolalia

Philip Schultz

from Living in the Past

Michael Salcman

Small Bones

Beth Ann Fennelly

Three Months after Giving Birth…

Night Game



Duane Slick

Black Mask

William Kentridge

Reading Chamber’s Encyclopedia

Zeno Writing (Acanthus)

Zeno Writing (I Promise)

Alex Katz


Landscape Portfolia (8 of 8)

Brice Marden

The Fungoid Rock

Terry Winters



Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

Agha Shahid Ali, Call Me Ishmael Tonight

Kathleen Rooney

Stephen Burt, Randall Jarrell and His Age

Thomas O'Grady

Ciaran Carson, Breaking News

Jacquelyn Pope

John d’Agata, ed., The Next America Essay

Jacquelyn Pope

Patricia Dienstfrei and Brenda Hillman, eds., The Grand Permission

Kurt Brown

Nick Flynn, Blind Huber

James Sitar

Cynthia Huntington, The Radiant

Andrew DuBois

Joe LeSueur, Digressions on Some Poems…

Gabriel Welsch

Kate Light, Open Slowly

Prudence Steiner

Grace Dane Mazur, Trespass

Christina Pugh

Carol Moldaw, The Lightning Field

Andrew DuBois

Les Murray, Poems the Size of Photographs

C. Wallace-Crabbe

Joseph Parisi, et al., eds., The Poetry Anthology

Maggie Dietz

Marie Ponsot, Springing: New & Selected Poems

Tony Baker

Tom Raworth, Collected Poems

Tony Baker

Nate Dorward, ed., Removed for Further Study

Cecily Iddings

Mary Ruefle, Among the Musk Ox People

David Athey

Sam Shepard, Great Dream of Heaven

Peter Campion

Tom Sleigh, Far Side of the Earth

Daphne Abeel

Graham Swift, The Light of Day

Chuck Leddy

Patricia Sarrafian Ward, The Bullet Collection