Harvard Review 26

Harvard Review 26

Christina Thompson



Judith McCormack

A Theory of Probability

Annabel Lyon

Saturday Night Function

Peter Brown

The Slaughterhouse

Lan Samantha Chang

Li Ang

Barbara Sutton

Maybe, Maybe Not

Thomas O'Grady



Jane Brox

Ghost Countries

Patricia Vigderman


Debra Anne Davis

Fighting the Devil by Killing the Angel

Ha-Yun Jung

Personal and Singular


Kathryn Starbuck

Ali Pahsa, the Butcher of Ioannina

Where the Desert Begins

Aviya Kushner

Isaiah Gets Feisty, Chapter 28

Ulf Kirchdorfer

Long and Short

Nadia Herman Colburn

All Those Ordinary Days

What Takes Place Takes Place Upon It

Gabriel Welsch

The Expensive View

Bryan Dietrich


Steven Cramer

That’ll Be the Day:

Maggie Dietz

The Interview

Daniel Coudriet


Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Those Celestial Harmonies

Julianne Buchsbaum

from The Dialogue of Balm

David Blair

We Were Insanely Bored

Tom Sleigh


Ulysses Sick

Bruce Bond

The Invisible

Luciano Erba, trans. Ann Snodgrass

In Jura

Jean Esteve

House of Ice

Vivek Narayanan

Scenes From a Space Odyssey

Primitive Lament (Money)

Gerard Malanga

The Further Adventures of…



Arthur Miller

from Resurrection Blues

Robert Scanlan

Arthur Miller’s Unstinting Output


Peik Larsen


Peter Brandes

PAST III, photographs


Hadara Bar-Nadav

Jennifer Barber, Rigging the Wind

Andrew DuBois

Tina Brown Celona, The Real Moon of Poetry…

James Sitar

Henri Cole, Middle Earth

William Doreski

Robert Creeley, If I Were Writing This

Chard deNiord

B. H. Fairchild, Early Occult Memory Systems…

Kathleen Rooney

David Gewanter, The Sleep of Reason

Tim Peterson

Peter Gizzi, Some Values of Landscape and Weather

Peter Campion

R. C. Morgan, ed., Clement Greenberg Late Writings

Benjamin Paloff

Jennifer Grotz, Cusp

Steve Dykes

Lucy Honig, Open Season

Meg Tyler

Fanny Howe, Gone: Poems

Robert M. Stein

Anne-Marie Levine, Bus Ride to a Blue Movie

Benjamin Paloff

James McCorkle, Evidences

Maggie Dietz

Heather McHugh, Eyeshot

Daphne Abeel

Thomas McMahon, Ira Foxglove

Andrew DuBois

Joyelle McSweeney, The Red Bird

Christina Pugh

Philip Nikolayev, Monkey Time

Floyd Skloot

Sharon Olds, The Unswept Room

Cecily Iddings

Dzvinia Orlowsky, Except for One Obscene…

Sarah Kafatou

Michael O’Siadhail, The Gossamer Wall

Marica Deihl

Rosamond Purcell, Owls Head

Joyelle McSweeney

Victoria Redel, Swoon

Robert Schnall

Donald Revell, My Mojave

Jonathan Locke Hart

George Steiner, Lessons of Masters

Floyd Skloot

Dabney Stuart, The Man Who Loves Cêzanne

Garth Greenwell

Larissa Szporluk, The Wind, Master Cherry

William Doreski

Rosanna Warren, Departure

Michael Shinagel

Mona Sue, Justice Matters

Peter Campion

C. K. Williams, The Singing