Harvard Review 29

Harvard Review 29

Christina Thompson

HR Editorial 29


Karen E. Bender


Mary Swan

Long Exposure

Gore Vidal

Clouds and Eclipses


Barbara Sjoholm


Matthew Battles

Occasioned by Fire

Dennis Altman

Gore Vidal: Critic and Celebrity

Erica Funkhouser

Singing in Dark Times

David B. Boyce

Hans Hofmann’s Transitional Ink Drawings

Leland de la Durantaye

On Cynicism. Dogs, Hair, Elfriede Jelinek…


Stanley Plumly

Old Debt

Chris Agee

from Heartscapes

Katia Kapovich

The Ferry
To Catch a Hedgehog
The Brawl

Laurie Sheck

Eight Poems

Kevin Hart

My Name
Reading St. Gregory of Nyssa

Iain Britton

The Stuff of Stars

Martha Andrews Donovan

The Eight Thousand Facets of Her Faith

Frederick Farryl Goodwin

Cannibal Rector

Maureen N. McClane

We Had Heard of the Massacres

Tung-Hui Hu

Instructions Received by New Colony

Jean Esteve

Off Key
Sad Mountain

Nadia Nurhussein


Kurt Brown

Counting the Faces

Corinne Wohlford Taff

The Photograph He Didn’t Take

G.C. Waldrep

Jeanette Cemetery

Anatoly Naiman

trans. Margo Shohl Rosen, Untitled

Cole Swensen

The Ghost o Much Later
Marie de Medici…
Charles Lebrun (1619-90)

Denise Duhamel

Stalking Tips

Peter Grieco

Two Suns

Sam Witt

The Black Square
The Sunrise Engine


Theresa Rebeck

Act I of The Scene


Edward Hopper

Six Drawings

Hans Hofmann

Six Drawings


Andrew DuBois

John Ashberry, Where Shall I Wander

Robert Schnall

Marvin Bell, Rampant

Fred Marchant

C.P. Cavafy, The Canon

Michelle Falkoff

Christopher Coake, We’re in Trouble

Gabriel Welsch

K.L. Cook, Last Call: Stories

Sonia I. Ketchian

Anna Lisa Crone and Jennifer Jean Day, My Petersburg/Myself

Craig Morgan Teicher

Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Maverick Room

Jacquelyn Pope

Carlos Fuentes, This I Believe

Meg Tyler

Jorie Graham, Overlord

Shrode Hargis

Ann Lauterbach, Hum

Laura Albritton

Andrea Levy, Small Island

June Beisch

Megan Marshall, The Peabody Sisters

William Doreski

W.S. Merwin, Migration: New and Selected Poems

Shrode Hargis

Eric Pankey, Reliquaries

C.D. Albin

Sam Pickering, Indian Summer

Chard deNiord

Peter Pouncey, Rules for Old Men Waiting

J.T. Townley

Jens Rehn, Nothing in Sight

William Doreski

Donald Revell, Pennyweight Windows

Jonathan Weinert

Mary Ann Samyn, Purr

Christopher Bock

Louis Simpson, The Owner of the House

Ellen Davis

Jean Valentine, Door in the Mountain

Jeffrey Galbraith

C.D. Wright, Cooling Time