Harvard Review 3

Harvard Review 3


Corinne Demas Bliss

Certain Treacheries

Robert Boswell

Dark and Slender Tongues

Miklos Meszoly

Christmas, Nineteen-Fifties

Paula Panich

Ollie & Patsy & Guido & Me


Sven Birkerts

The Flaneur

Yiorgos Chouliaras

Letter from Delphi

William Corbett

Trailing Robert Lowell

Jodi Daynard

In Search of Incandescence: Time, Space, and Women Writers

Archie C. Epps

The Rhetoric of Malcom X

John Farrell

Postmodern Instances

Robert Gardner

The Impulse to Preserve

Paul Hannigan

Grammarian at Large

Jonathan Hart

Letter from Edmonton

H. L. Hix

In-Scriptions / Ex-Positions

X. J. Kennedy

Outbound to Alewife

Fred Marchant

Anima Mundi

Lucy McCauley

Letter from Budapest

Dennis O'Driscoll

Letter from Dublin

Nicole Olier

Letter from Bordeaux

Cyrus R. K. Patell

Screen Memory

Liam Rector

Reports from the Culture Wars

Jane Regan

Letter from Port-au-Prince

Robert Scanlan

A Wake in the Fourth Row

George Scialabba

A Muse of Politics

Michael Small

Letter from Melbourne

Matthew Stewart

Letter from Quito

Peter Temes

A Stumbling Map

Wesley Wehr

Elizabeth Bishop & Suzanne K. Langer


Nadya Aisenberg

Out to Tea

Mikhail Aizenberg


John Ashbery

Dinosaur Country

Edward Baratta


Georgi Belev


Bruce Bennett

Two poems

Robert Bly

Two Men Swimming

Kelly Cherry

Listening to Oneself

Yiorgos Chouliaras

Of the Sea

Martha Collins


Ellen Davis

One Thing

Chard deNiord

On the Mountain of Spices

Owen Doyle

Before and After a Coup d’Etat

Celia Gilbert

A Vision

Angel Gonzalez

Erudites on Campus

Miriam Goodman

Square I

Lee Harwood

The Artful Dodger

Robert Hass

The Gardens of Warsaw

James Hayford

My Window

To Robert Frost

Brenda Hillman

The Spark

Cheap Gas

Czeslaw Milosz

To Allen Ginsberg

Jeff Mock


David Rivard

Hush & Taunt

Kabita Sinha

I left a Long Time Back

Floyd Skloot

Cape Lookout

W.D. Snodgrass

The Balland of Jesse Holmes

Gerald Sullivan

Ossipee Lake

Richard Tillinghast

On a Bothic Ivory

Joyce Wilson

Woman in the Dunes