Harvard Review 33

Harvard Review 33

Christina Thompson



Jason Lewis

Rodolfo and Nélida

Dan Pope

American Ska

Sybil Smith

Hound of Heaven

Paul Harding

Miss Hale

Anna Solomon

These Wildernesses


Eric LeMay

Star-Crossed Something-or-Others

Richard Goodman

The Man in White

Nina de Gramont

Water Children

Michael Knight

Swimming the Backstroke


Denise Duhamel

Baby Onion

Major Jackson

White Power
Mondes en Collision

Ilya Kaminsky

Deaf Republic

Jessica Greenbaum

The First Youngest Men

Jonathan Weinert

Breakfast with Champion

John Kinsella

Canto of the Examination…
Canto of Arcadia (Saturn, 21)
Rapture: Pinnacles (Jupiter)

Iain Britton

The Reproductive Properties…

Laurie Rosenblatt

When I’m Gone

John Mateer

Translators are Angels

George Kalogeris

Saturday Night in the Village
Fragment 58

Sydney Lea

Men without Women

Keith Newton

The Theater

John Matthias

Islands, Inlands

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

spurious and sacrificial

Philip Schultz

The Traffic



Kitty Blandy

Untitled (Figure, Hands on Hips)

Christopher Wool

Eleven Images

Amy Trachtenberg

History III
History II

Nathaniel Hester

What Falls Away

Debra Weisberg

Constructed Drawing #2


Michael Shinagel

Daniel Aaron, The Americanist

J.T. Townley

Sherman Alexie, Flight: A Novel

Tam Lin Neville

Ellen Bass, The Human Line

Sarah White

Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil trans. Keith Waldrop

Janet Pocorobba

Sven Birkerts, Reading Life

Heather Clark

Eavan Boland, Domestic Violence

Sarah Kafatou

John Burnside, A Lie About My Father, Selected Poems, and Gift Songs

Tess Taylor

Henri Cole, Blackbird and Woolf

Ellen Davis

W.S. Di Piero, Chinese Apples

William Doreski

Albert Goldbarth, The Kitchen Sink

Nadia Nurhussein

Kimiko Hahn, The Narrow Road to the Interior

Andrew DuBois

June Jordan, Directed by Desire

Tess Taylor

Michael Longley, Collected Poems

Heather Clark

Louis MacNeice, Collected Poems

Ron Slate

Alberto Moravia, Conjugal Love trans. Marina Harss

John Hennessy

Vivek Narayanan, Universal Beach

Jenny DeBell

Per Petterson, Out Stealing Horses

Rebecca Johns

Victoria Redel, The Border of Truth

Lisa Nold

Stacey Richter, Twin Study

Andrew DuBois

Ishmael Reed, New and Collected Poems

Henry Hughes

David Shapiro, New and Selected Poems

Martha Klironomos

Tryfon Tolides, An Almost Pure Empty Walking

Laura Albritton

James Wilcox, Hunk City

Richard Rand

Stephen Yenser, Blue Guide