Harvard Review 34

Harvard Review 34

Christina Thompson

HR 34 Editorial


Adam Braver

Breaking and Crumbling…

Kevin Moffett

In the Pines

Karen E. Bender

What the Cat Said

Vinnie Wilhelm

In the Absence of Predators

Cate Kennedy


Josh Rolnick

Pulp and Paper


Michael Cohen

A Retiree Reads Proust and Montaigne

Jacqueline Gill

Tally Ho

Chaz Reetz-Laiolo

Lady at Fordham RD

James Marcus

Faint Music


Megan Alpert

What We Kept

Katy Lederer

The Tender Wish…

A Sad Harp

Eeva-Liisa Manner, trans. Herbert Lomas

One day I passed out of my body

Ezra D. Feldman

Melody Hand to Hand

Paula Bohince

The Children

Patrick Phillips

In the Beginning

C. Dale Young


Laurie Blauner


David Huddle

The Anxiety of Influence

Search This World Over

Sabrina Orah Mark

The Ruse

The World

Andrés Rodríguez

Central Street

Anna Evans

Garden State Harvest

Garrett Hongo


Joelle Biele

Gabrielle Münter

Eleanor Stanford

At the Steel Pier

Diane Lockwood

Seventh Grade Science Project

Kathryn Maris

Why I will Gladly Take…

Dana Roeser


Lizzie Hutton

1992 (Nachtlied)

Matt Hart

Captain America

Wallace Stevens Must Die

Becky Thompson

To DuBois

To Mandela

Patricia Giragosian

To a Presidential Candidate



Christine Hiebert

Tape drawings

Philip Guston


Jeff Feld


Michele Oka Doner

Relief prints

John Walker


Stephen Sheffield



Odile Cisneros

César Aria, trans. by Chris Andres, How I Became a Nun

Phoebe Putnam

Mary Jo Bang, Elegy

Odile Cisneros

Roberto Bolaño, trans. Chris Andres, Amulet and Las Evenings on Earth

Jacquelyn Pope

Carmen Bugan, Crossing the Carpathians

John Hennessy

Kelly Cherry, Hazard and Prospect

J. T. Townley

Stuart Christie, Granny Made Me an Anarchist

Cameron McWhirter

Richard Cook, Alfred Kazin: A Biography

Rebecca Johns

Jim Crace, The Pesthouse

Laura Albritton

Edwidge Danticat, Brother, I’m Dying

Matthew Brown

Nuruddin Farah, Knots

Sarah White

Donald Friedman, The Writer’s Brush

Joyce Wilson

Sarah Hannah, Inflorescence

Tess Taylor

Robert Hass, Time and Materials: Poems 1997-2007

Jacquelyn Pope

John Hennessy, Bridge and Tunnel

William Doreski

Susan Howe, Souls of Labadie Tract

Joyce Wilson

Mark Jarman, Epistles

Henry Hughes

Li-Young Lee, Behind My Eyes

J. B. Rabin

Ellen Litman, The Last Chicken in America

Jeffrey Galbraith

Alice Notley, In the Pines

Meg Tyler

Alice Oswald, Spacecraft Voyager 1

William Doreski

Robert Pinsky, Gulf Music

Amor Kohli

Arnold Rampersad, Ralph Ellison: A Biography

Alison Bass

Telling True Stories, ed. Mark Kramer et al.

Jacquelyn Pope

Eliot Weinberger, An Elemental Thing