Harvard Review 36

Harvard Review 36

Christina Thompson

HR Editorial 36


Nic Brown


Aria Beth Sloss

We Were Hardly Angels

Barbara Hamby

Invasion of the Haoles

Sarah A. Strickley

A Dark Turn


John Matthias

Poetry and Insomnia

Kathryn Rhett

In Transit

Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Problems and Solutions in the Golden English Language

Ruthann Robson

A Couple of Questions Concerning Class Mobility


Scott Cunningham

West Avenue

Karin Gottshall

Blink Once

Teresa Cader


Sherman Alexie

Reading Light

Peg Boyers

Venezia: Brutto Tempo

Will Schutt

The Constant Visitors

Terrance Hayes

Snow for Wallace Stevens

Steven Cramer

On Hold

Ed Pavlic

Waking up in Chicago after Dream Song 29

Sonia Sanchez

21 Haiku

Evie Shockley

owed to shirley chisholm:

Mahmoud Darwish trans. Fady Joudah

The “Red Indian’s” Penultimate Speech to the White Man

Tess Taylor

Graveyard at Monticello



Judy Pfaff

Light or Half Dark, no.02
Light or Half Dark, no.01
Light or Half Dark, no.03

Bill Jensen

Drunken Brush #2
Drunken Brush #38
Drunken Brush #32
Drunken Brush #11

Ann Hamilton

tropos – books

Cai Guo-Qiang

Transient Rainbow
Rebuilding the Berlin Wall
Inverted Pyramid on the Moon
Drawing for the Century with Mushroom Clouds
White Night
Reviving the Signal Towers
Light Cycle: Explosion Project for Central Park

Michael Mazur

Rain #2
Night Rain


John Hennessy

Paula Bohince, Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods

David James Poissant

Michael Dahlie, A Gentleman’s Guide to Graceful Living

J.T. Townley

Forrest Gander, As a Friend: A Novel

Henry Hughes

Linda Gregg, All of It Singing: New and Selected Poems

Anis Shivani

Olav H. Hauge, The Dream We Carry

Anis Shivani

Lars Gustafsson, A Time in Xanadu

Heather Clark

Letters of Ted Hughes, Christopher Reid, ed.

Laura Albritton

Laila Lalami, Secret Son

Carmen Bugan

New European Poets, Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer, eds.

Heather Clark

The New North: Contemporary Poetry from Northern Ireland, Chris Agee, ed.

Michael Shinagel

The New Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes, John Gross, ed.

Matthew Brown

A.L. Kennedy, Day

Matthew Brown

Ali Smith, Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis

William Doreski

George Oppen, New and Collected Poems

Jacquelyn Pope

Grace Paley, Fidelity

Chard Deniord

Stephen Sandy, Netsuke Days

Floyd Skloot

Ron Slate, The Great Wave

William Doreski

Susan Stewart, Red Rover

Joyce Wilson

Katherine Vaz, Our Lady of the Artichokes

Sarah White

Brenda Wineapple, White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson