Harvard Review 7

Harvard Review 7


Kay Cicellis

I am Not a Camera

Jesus Gardea

Man Alone

Heather Leigh Hamilton


Kathryn Liebowitz

Ravished World

Ivan Mandy

The Original

Jayne Anne Phillips

Burning the Trees

Alma: Plastic Roses


Sven Birkerts

When Worlds Became Windows

Michael Blumenthal

Letter from Budapest: In Praise of Battered Cities

Stephen Burt

Paul Muldoon’s Binocular Vision

John Farrell

Postmodern Instances: Can Freud Be Allowed to Die?

Rachel Hadas

From the Summer House: On Ghosts

Rosemary Herbert

“Genrely” Speaking: Texts and Personalities in Genre Fiction

H.L. Hix

InScriptions/ExPositions: Food, Gender, Power

Sarah Kafatou

Open Windows: About Hilde Domin

Hilde Domin

Marina Kasdaglis


Suzanne Matson

Disquieting Muses: The Poetics/Politics of Looking

David Rivard

Empire Burlesque: In Praise of Rudeness

Robert Scanlan

A Wake in the Fourth Row: Louisville 1994

George Scialabba

A Muse of Politics: The Worst Policy

Matthew Stewart

Letter from Quito

Darcy Vernier

Letter from Lokichokio

Letter from Khartoum


Agha Sahid Ali

Some Vision of the World Cashmere

Margaret Barringer

The Dreamer

Erin Belieu

The Exploding Madonna

Yiorgos Chouliaras

Freud’s Dream

Steven Cramer

My Dream as Jacob

Ellen Davis

Woman with Numberless Dreams

Chard deNiord

Dream of a New World Order

Moshe Dor

The Silence of the Builder

William Doreski


Yisrael Eliraz

I’m Inside

Forrest Gander

Decree for Rain

Rachel Hadas

Summer Night

Jeffrey Harrison

A Private Part of the Dance

Jan Kochanowski

Lament 19 or: A Dream

James Laughlin

The Hypnerotomachia

David Lehman

The Book of Dreams

Timothy Liu


Gail Mazur

On the River: “Tableau Vivant”

Geoffrey Movius


D Nurkse

Black River

Ruth Padel


Carl Phillips

Two Versions of the Very Same Story

Martha Rhodes

This Cottage, This Dream

Yannis Ritsos

In the Garden

Illicit Spring

Linda Russo

Accident & Phenomenon (2 Dreams about You)

Maureen Seaton

L.A. Dream #1

Myra Shapiro

A Brother

Charles Simic

On Dreams

Two Dreams and a Memoir about Chess

The Philosopher

Jones Very

Winter Poem

The Gambler

Louis Simpson

Returning to Paris

Sue Standing


Wislawa Szymborska

May 16, 1973

James Tate

How the Pope is Chosen

A Manual of Enlargement

Yona Wolloch

Outside the Body


Robert Auletta

Two Excerpts from “Agamemnon by Aeschylus: A Modern Adaptation”