Harvard Review 41

Harvard Review 41 Cover

Harvard Review 41

Issue 41 features poems by Denise Duhamel, Stanley Plumly, and Matthea Harvery, along with fiction by Michael Kardos, Chip Cheek, and Michelle D. Seaton.

Harvard Review 41 (print)


C. Morgan Babst "The Winter Horses"
Chip Cheek "Negative Six"
Michael Kardos "A Story with Strong, Graceful Hands"
Michelle D. Seaton "Killer Kowalski's School of Love"
David Sornig "Your voice is lead"


Linda Bamber "Cher Jacques"
Nicholas Birns "Samuel Menashe, 1925-2011"
Eric Freeze "Hemingway on a Bike"
John Nelson "Death and the Rose-breasted Grosbeak"
Kathryn Rhett "Wayward"
Patricia Vigderman "Oxherding in the Chisos Mountains"


Martha Collins "[white paper #16]"
Martha Collins "[white paper #24]"
Alfred de Vigny, Joachim Zemmour "The Death of the Wolf"
Denise Duhamel "If You Really Want To"
Denise Duhamel "Tina and the Bruised Hearts"
Kate Farrell "The Fever"
Kate Farrell "The Star"
Stephanie Ford "The Episteme of Iowa"
Matthea Harvey "Using a Hula Hoop Can Get You Abducted By Aliens"
Kate McQuade "Sleight of Hand"
Samuel Menashe "Reproduce!"
Kamilah Aisha Moon "Stacy"
D. Nurkse "Angle of Spin"
D. Nurkse "Red Antares in a Blue Mirror"
Alicia Ostriker "The Battlefield"
Alicia Ostriker "I Want to Live"
Siobhan Phillips "Don Quixote in the Hudson Valley"
Stanley Plumly "Arbitrarily"
Tomasz Różycki, Mira Rosenthal "Interior"
Tomasz Różycki, Mira Rosenthal "Military Exercises"
Tomasz Różycki, Mira Rosenthal "The Whale"
Nicole Sealey "Reading Rainbow"
Anis Shivani "Letter to Jack London"
Taije Silverman "Philtrum"


Marty Davis "Pond II", "Pond V", "Pond I", and "Pond III"
Matt Saunders Fifteen silver gelatin prints (2008, 2010, 2011)
Patrick Strzelec "Dash Dash", "Rap", "Handle", and "Filter"
Donald Sultan "Black Lemon, June 26", "Lemon and Eggs, March 15", "Black Eggs, June 3", "Black Tulip, May 18", "Black Tulip, February 22", "Lemons", and "Matisse Flowers and Vase"
Cy Twombly "Proem (Preface)", "Proteus", "Wilder Shores of Love", "Summer Madness", "Untitled (Bacchus 1st Version VI)", "III Notes from Salalah (Note II)", "Thyrsis' Lament for Daphnis", and "Fifty Days at Ilium Part IX"