Harvard Review 9

Harvard Review 9

Harvard Review 9

Issue 9 contains poems by Lucie Brock-Broido, Tony Hoagland, A.R. Ammons, and Charles Simic, fiction by Melanie Richards and Heather Cole, and essays by David Perkins and Jonathan Holden.

Harvard Review 9 (print)


Kathleen Aguero "Heedless of Topography"
Helen Fremont "Lipstick"
Kathryn Liebowitz Excerpt from "Ravished World: Lavender Days"
Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos "Across Gorse"
Melanie Richards "The Childhood of an Insomniac"
Ellen Wilbur "Lucia"


Mark Strand "Societe Imaginaire"
Patricia Chute "Letter from Tula"
Rachel Hadas "One of Life's Newest Hardships"
Vaclav Havel "A Courageous and Magnanimous Creation"
Jonathan Holden "Sex and Poetry"
Henry Hughes "Letter from Kunming"
David Keefe "Letter from Bristol"
David Perkins "Sympathy with Nature: Our Romantic Dilemma"
Charles Simic "Cut the Comedy"
Matthew C. Stewart "Letter from Zumbahue"


Mark Wagner "Lydia and the Animals"
Stephen Dobyns "Second Skin"
Charles Harper Webb "Umbrellas"
K.E. Duffin "Old Keys Highway"
Paul Eluard "The Lover"
Hans Magnus Enzensberger "The Entombment" and "In Memory of Sir Hiram Maxim"
Richard Exner "Return"
Alan Feldman "A Letter"
Molly Fisk "Ford F150"
Forrest Gander "All About Technique"
Egito Goncalves "The Power of Literature"
Tony Hoagland "Item #3"
Konstantinos Lardas "Akimbo"
Dorianne Laux "Music in the Morning"
Katy Lederer "Untitled"
Timothy Liu "That Room in Which Disaster Played a Part"
Gerard Malanga "Memorial Day"
Peter Marcus "Backseat"
Suzanne Matson "Milk/Love"
George McWhirter "The Book of Contradictions"
Vidaluz Meneses "Instant Matrimony"
Michael Milburn "Accompaniment"
Geoffrey Movius "Love in their Language"
Ruth Padel "Stroke City"
Carl Phillips "Alba: Failure" and "Tunnel"
Catherine A. Pozzi "Nyx"
A. R. Ammons "Candle Lit"
Liam Rector "Father's Day"
Bruce Bennett "Frequent Contributor"
Natasha Saje "Fable"
Yves Bonnefoy "A Voice"
Catherine A. Salmons "Translation of Ovid's 'Amores,' Book 1, #5"
Andre Breton "Free Union"
"Episode in Stasis"
Lucie Brock-Broido "Did Not Come Back," "Grimoire," and "Am Moor"
Rebecca Seiferle "Mother Tongue"
Marcus Cafagna "Modigliani: Venus Naturalis"
Charles Simic "Entertaining the Canary"
Rene Char "To"
Larissa Szporluk "Envoy of the Boat"
Henri Cole "Interview with Lucie Brock-Broido"
Karen Volkman "Scarecrow"
Stuart Dischell "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses, Take II"