Gerard Malanga

Gerard Malanga was born in the Bronx in 1943. He is the author of a dozen books of poetry spanning a nearly 50-year period, including No respect: New & Selected Poems 1964-2000 (Black Sparrow Press). He has also been the subject of a biography, Gerard Malanga by Lars Movin (Bebop, Copenhagen, 2011) and (co-authored with Victor Bockris), Up-Tight: The Velvet Underground Story (Omnibus Press, UK, 1983). His work has appeared in Poetry, Raritan, Yale Review, Paris Review, Partisan Review and the New Yorker among others. In 2016, he completed writing his autobiography, In Remembrance of Things Past. In 2017, Bottle of Smoke Press brought out his first full-length book of poetry in 15 years, entitled Whisper Sweet Nothings & Other Poems. He lives with his cats, Sasha, Zazie, Xena and Mishkin in Upstate New York. His website is


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